Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hashley Melty La pulak

Finally I've managed to make this dessert. It's call Melty Hashley. Looks yummy hah..

Let me share the recipe 

Item A:

Oreo Biscuits for those Malaysia. But you may put any other biscuit which you may like.
kellogs cornflake or any crunchy flake

Item B:
25oml whipping cream
250gm cream cheese

200ml condense milk
A spoon of lemon juice (optional)

Item C:

Nips/ M&M/ chocolate chips/ nuts/ shred of white and black chocolate.

 hershey  syrup 
cheddar cheese  (shred) 

Let's start with

1.slowly blend all A item or you may  put in zipper bag and make it crunch together

2.Whip B together

3. Put into container  layer by layer for those A,B & C

Just decorate  follow  by your heart 
Finally keep into Fridge for about 2 hrs before it melt into your mouth.

That's all

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