Thursday, January 24, 2013

Butter Scotch Cake

This is how Butter Scotch Cake looks a like.
Looks  yummy ..?

Those who like it may try by below recipe :

Sponge Cake

5 eggs
150 g cake flour (superfine)
150 g fine sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 sp ovallette
1 tsp  vanilla essence
80 ml fresh milk
80 ml melt butter /corn oil
Yellow color - option

Mix flour,fine sugar , baking powder, ovallette & eggs. Whisk till fluffy.
Pour fresh milk and whisk again.
Add oil and mix it well.
Bake with 160C  for 30 minutes or well cook.


80 g super fine sugar
100 g  almond flakes & walnut (crumb it). (make sure  roast it over a fire )

Method 2::
Boil fine sugar till brown. Add all nuts & stir fast. 
Pour into platter/tray and make it cool, once cool just crumb it ..


220g fine sugar g cream)
100g butter 
70g white chocolate compound - 

Boil fine sugar till brown.
Turn off fire and add fresh cream.Stir faster.
On fire again with minimum hit to make sure both sugar n fresh cream well combine 
Off fine and put butter & white choc. off fire and make it cool.


150 g fresh cream
100 g  butterscotch  sauce- 

Method 3:
Whisk a fresh cream till 'soft peak'
Put in  b/scotch sauce mixed well 

Make sponge cake 3 layer
Brush a b/scotch sauce on first layer
Follow by fresh cream on the first layer 
Sprinkle the caramel nuts on top an put another layer, do the same for next layer.

Put fresh cream on the top of cake and cover it overall. 
At  last pour b/ scotch sauce on top..

Hmm... a bit difficult and trifling work right..?

By the way happy trying!

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