Monday, January 7, 2013

The Sweet Rose

Welcome Year 2013
The cake was made for the first school day  (Feb-2-2013) of my lovely daughter 
Irdina Batrisyia , 

Ummi  do hope you enjoy your new life, 
New enviroment and new friends
With warm embrace and kisses sweet

Let your route be safe and bright

Let your steps lead right to your goal
Let no fears annoy your heart
Let no tears dampen your cheeks
Let no misgivings cloud your sky
Let no evil ever come near you
This is Ummi's prayer for you
Chanted in silence with fervent zeal! 
Right from morn to the last star that winks
Every hour, Ummi  think of you
And beseech Allah to keep you safe
Endowing you with health and cheer
Ummi will always love you. 

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